Tech Based Workshops For Children & Adults.

Choose A  Workshop Related To Raspberry Pi Mincraft Hacking,  Arduino Based Robotics, Raspberry Pi Arcade Table Construction, Leather /Arduino Based   Wearable  Tech and Virtual Reality/Unity3D.

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A brief history of Blue|1647 and why Blue|Kits Reasearch & Development is the next step in our national growth/ evolution.

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We provide, and host over 100 classes and workshops each year, with a curriculum that is accessible to startups, youth, veterans, and individuals at any stage of the entrepreneurial journey. Our hands-on tech classes cover cutting-edge technologies, help you learn new skills and make your software boundaries vanish. Each teacher has industry experience, and a unique perspective to be able to provide first-hand insights into the topic and its potential impact on various industries. Each session, from mobile and web development, to hardware and 3D-Printing is interactive and collaborative. 

"Blue|Craft" Pi Minecraft Hacking/Video Game Console Creations Workshop

Raspberry Pi & Minecraft Hacking

"Blue|Fashion" Leather/Ardruino Wearable Tech Work Shop

Learn how to draw, hand craft and program high quality leather based wearble tech. You also learn how to create your own molds for metal hardware & custom jewelry.

Blue|Cade Raspberry Pi Arcade Table Workshop

Learn how to construct, program and wire up your very own stylish "Retro/Modern" arcade table.

Unity3D Based "Blue|VR" Virtual Reality Workshop

Get started with Unity 3D game engine & it's many plugins to quicky create your own VR  based enviroment.

Arduino Based "Blue|Arm" Robotics Workshop

Learn how to construct  and program your very own robotic arm and learn the basics of Arduino and G-Code.

Pi MineCraft Workshop

2 Days
(morning or evening)
20 students per class
  • Raspberry Pi Basics
  • Python Code Basics
  • Workshop
  • Pi Mine Craft Lesson Plan
  • 1x 3D Printed "Blue|Console kit
  • LED strips for PWM programing

Virtual Reality Workshop

2 Days
(morning or evening)
20 students per class
  • Unity 3D Basics
  • Google SDK Basics
  • Game Dev Basics
  • Intro To 3D CAD /Art
  • 1X  Blue|VR Helmet  Kit 
  • 1X BlueTooth Controller

Arcade Table Workshop

2 Days
(morning or evening)
20 students per class
  • Raspberry Pi Basics
  • Python Code Basics
  • Intro to Electronics Circuits
  • LED Strip Porgraming Via PWM (pulse width Modulation)
  • Intro to 2D Game Creation

Robots Workshop

2 Days
(morning or evening)
20 students per class
  • Intro To Electronics circuits
  • Intro Arduino Programing
  • Into G-code Booklet
  • 1X  "Blue|Arm" Robot Kit
  • 1X  Gripper Claw
  • 1X  Gripper Hand

Leather/Tech Workshop 

2 days
(morning or evening)
20 students per class
  • Into To Wearable Tech 
  • Intro Arduino Programing
  • Intro To 3D CAD 
  • Intro to Metal forging 
  • 1X  Messenger bag Kit W/ tools
  • 1X  Wireless Battery Charger

Starter Workshops & Hackathons

We have been working with local business,  public schools, and Universities for a while now. We can turn almost anyone  into a "Techy"! BLUE1647(TM) is an entrepreneurship and technology innovation center that fosters economic development in technology and 21st Century skills through people development (classes, workshops, and events around technology), workforce development (through youth and adult technology programs to prepare individuals for high-demand jobs) and Business Acceleration (through shared coworking-services). As a beacon of resource, BLUE1647 provides impactful individuals and organizations the resources to realize their ideas for a better world. Listed in the first City of Chicago Technology Plan, the BLUE1647 community is a vibrant example of the ways in which creative professionals, entrepreneurs, change-makers, and nonprofits can come together to make meaningful, lasting impact.

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1647 BlueIsland Ave,
Chicago, IL 60637

Email: RashadGlover@blue1647.com